Being a Friend, you will join the group of people who support the fight against cancer of the central nervous system with their contribution by developing research activities by Spanish doctors and scientists, promoting the completion of doctoral theses. In addition, you will be promoting that research is done in Spain by our young scientists without them having to migrate to other countries due to lack of resources. Also, thanks to your contribution, you can help improve the quality of life of patients with this type of cancer.

The Friends of the Blanca Morell Foundation will be entitled to the tax deduction established by law 49/2002 for foundations and non-profit organizations: for example, for a donation of 150 euros the taxpayer is deducted an 80% deduction in the fee integrates, so the taxpayer recovers 120 euros.

Friends will be given a card proving this condition. And if they authorize it, their names and photographs will appear in a section of the website for public recognition of their support for research against cancer in the central nervous system. Friends will be able to attend the annual gala dinner and will have preference in participating in cultural and sporting events, as well as in other public events organized by the Foundation. They will also be able to attend conferences and the annual guided visit that the Foundation organizes to the facilities of the research centers.

The Blanca Morell Foundation, following criteria of transparency and good practices, provides private Friends and Institutions with detailed information on the activities carried out annually by the Foundation, as well as its budget.

Those friends with an annual contribution of more than 1000€ will have the category of Benefactor Friend.

To become a Friend of the Blanca Morell Foundation, you can do so by filling out the following form: