Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of a Foundation constitutes its governing regime and its main function is to ensure compliance with the foundational purposes, the correct administration of the Foundation’s assets, leading the strategy, as well as the preparation and approval of annual budgets and their correct execution, always based on good governance practices, transparency of annual accounts and reports.

In addition, it must define and adapt its mission and goals to future times and needs demanded by society. That is why a board of trustees has been set up, which in addition to family members, has people of recognized prestige who provide a business vision as well as a firm commitment to the aims of the Founders.

For this reason, we present you the members of the board of the Blanca Morell Foundation:


Miguel Angel Morell Fuentes

President of the Blanca Morell Foundation

Begoña Morell Ariza

Vice President of the Blanca Morell Foundation

Rosa Ariza Chicharro



Hermenegildo Morell Fuentes

CEO Morell
Secretary of the Foundation

Alfonso Martínez Fernández

Executive Vicepresident Altran Group

Jesús Prieto Marcos

President of CT Engineering Group

Elena Sánchez Caballero

RTVE Executive Secretary

Ibon Valentín Aperribay Bedialauneta

President of SAPA

Almirante Santiago González

General Manager of Armament and Material of the Ministry of Defense


Javier Hornedo Muguiro

Head of the Medical Oncology service of the Quirónsalud Madrid University Hospital and the Quirónsalud Sur Hospital