The Blanca Morell Foundation helps those patients with tumors in the central nervous system to finance a complete comprehensive diagnosis of the genomic profile of the tumor by FoundationOne CDx®. The Foundation helps with 80% of the cost to those patients who request it. The applicant must contact the Foundation through this website, either through their doctor or directly.

The FoundationOne CDx® report facilitates medical decision-making by providing a comprehensive technical report that includes the genomic profile of each patient’s tumor (including genetic alterations, MSI microsatellite instability, and TMB tumor mutational burden), therapies available associated with this profile and relevant information on related clinical trials. The American Drug Agency (FDA) has validated the FoundationOne CDx® reports and, from now on, can be used as a complementary diagnostic system for the selection of targeted therapies for patients diagnosed with solid tumors.



At the Board of Trustees meeting of the Blanca Morell Foundation that took place on 30th November, 2020, a scholarship program was agreed upon as described below:

Purpose and Objectives

    • Fund development programs in research against cancer of the central nervous system, with special attention to the spinal cord.

Characteristic of the Proposal

    • Research development for the next two years.
    • The research may be basic science or clinical cancer research


    • Individual or Team (a main researcher with the title of Doctor and a doctoral student).
    • Linked to a public or private non-profit entity with the capacity for scientific research.

Duration and financing

    • Maximum duration: two years from the signing of the agreement.
    • Funding: € 75,000 (45,000 PhD + 30,000 PhD student)

Evaluation and Selection

    • All applications will be reviewed by the Blanca Morell Foundation to verify that they meet all the requirements.
    • The evaluation will be carried out by the Scientific Committee of the Foundation or one expressly appointed for the call.


    • The Board of the Foundation, based on the reports of the Scientific Committee, will make the award decision, which will be firm and non-actionable.
    • The beneficiaries must send a letter of acceptance of the aid and must participate in the act where it will be delivered.